Grandmaster Song Ki Kim



 A student of Jeong Suk Kim (Dan # 158), Grandmaster Kim began training in Tang Soo Do in 1951. In 1956 he began teaching Tang Soo Do and has been dedicated to the growth of the art ever since.

With nearly 60 years experience in Tang Soo Do, Grandmaster Kim is one of the most senior Tang Soo Do figures living today.

He was instructor of the Korean military army brigade at Osan, Korea in 1957.

He later founded the Tang Soo Do School at the US Air Force base, Osan, Korea in March of 1958.

On January 31, 1960 he founded the Tang Soo Do Regional headquarters at Kyoung Ki province of Korea.

Over a thousand of his former students have gone on to become high ranking Masters and Grandmasters around the world. Among those are Grandmaster Mariano Estioko, the second American to ever receive a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and founder of the Western Pacific Tang Soo Do Association, and Grandmaster Chun Sik (C.S.) Kim, founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation.

He is also founder and president of the World Dang Soo Do Union.

Moo Son Tang Soo Do was honored to be able to train under Grandmaster Song Ki Kim when we were invited to Triangle Tang Soo Do. Below are some of the photos.


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